Broken Hill Mosque
Broken Hill Mosque
Broken Hill Mosque
Broken Hill Mosque

Broken Hill Mosque

Broken Hill Mosque
  • The Broken Hill Mosque is one of the most fascinating heritage sites in Broken Hill. Built in 1887, it is the only surviving outback Musjid constructed by cameleers in Australia.

  • The Afghan Cameleers were pivotal in the history of the Australian Outback, and the Musjid narrates their story.

  • Saved by the Broken Hill Historical Society in 1967, it was re-dedicated as a place of worship by visiting clerics and opened as a museum in 1968. It can be visited by appointment or during special open days, currently Fridays from 11am to 1pm.

  • A tour of the Musjid with curator and caretaker Bobby Shamroze is a unique experience. Bobby’s personal history is closely tied to the cameleers and the Musjid. His father, Shamroze Khan, and grandfather, Fazulla Ziadulla, were both camel drivers in the Broken Hill area. His father was also a camel dealer in Port Augusta, supplying camels to Broken Hill. Both his father and grandfather prayed at the Musjid.

  • Bobby’s personal stories, combined with the range of surviving memorabilia and the intact Prayer Room, offer a rare insight into this crucial and often overlooked aspect of early outback life.

  • The museum features a wide range of significant objects, including an old wooden cameleer wagon. Once used for firewood, these Afghan wagons were vital for transporting supplies across the harsh Australian Outback, often drawn by as many as 16 camels.

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