• In 2007, the country widely celebrated the 2000th anniversary of Margilan. This is another city in the list of famous historical cities of Uzbekistan with a millennia-old history.

  • Located in the south of the Fergana Valley, Margilan lies in a picturesque place that was formerly the crossroads of trade caravans travelling between China and Europe. The Silk Road made Margilan the center of silk production and chief keeper of its secrets. As far back as in the 10th century, Margilan was widely known for its silk products. Beautiful silk, manufactured in the city and its surroundings, was exported to Europe, China and the Middle East.
  • Today, the city still holds its title of the ‘Silk Capital of Uzbekistan’ producing the famous khan-atlas silk, woven and dyed by hand in the traditional manner used for centuries. There are still a few silk factories where the entire process of silk manufacturing takes place. 

  • From the 16th to 19th centuries, it was part of the Kokand Khanate and was later relegated to a district town once it was overtaken by the Russians. Besides a few monuments, nothing much remains of its history.

  • Margilan is also the hometown of one of the great-grandchildren of Tamerlane – Zahireddin Babur. He was the ruler of Ferghana, and then went on to found the Mogul Empire in India. 

  • The well-known Hanafi scholar, Burhanuddin al-Fergani al-Marginani, who wrote the much-studied book ‘Al-Hidayah’ also hails from one of the suburbs of this town. He passed away in 1197 CE.


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This Bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Samarkand and is situated between Bibi Khanum Musjid and the Shahi-Zinda...

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