Homes carved into the mountains
The Treasury House
The Treasury House


  • One of the New Seven Wonders Of The World, the ancient city of Petra is located amidst the rugged desert canyons and mountains of southern Jordan. Dating back to around 400BCE, it is also known as the ‘Rose City’due to its famed red, white and pink rock-carved architecture,
  • It is purported to be the place where Musa AS struck a rock and water gushed forth. Later on, the Arab Nabataean tribe, made the site their capital, and during this time Petra flourished becoming an important trade center. The Nabataeans were noted carvers and as such, chiseled their dwellings, temples, and tombs into the surrounding sandstone mountains. In addition, they constructed a water system that allowed for lush gardens and farming.
  • As the trade routes shifted, the city began to decline and after an earthquake in 551CE, it was completely abandoned.
  • It was only in the 1800’s, when a Swiss traveler disguised as a Bedouin infiltrated the mysterious location, was it rediscovered.


Located between Jordan and Palestine, the Dead Sea is one of the most unique places on earth. At 430m below sea level, its shores rank as the lowest land point on earth. It is fed by the Jordan River with no connection to the world’s oceans making it more of a lake...


Scattered throughout North Eastern Jordan, the six Desert Castles were built by the Umayyads over 1200 years ago and served a range of purposes. They were inns for traders to stop at for a rest, they were country estates for wealthy friends of the caliph, they were...


Known for its towering castle and 800 year-old Musjid, the quaint little town of Ajloun is situated in the northern part of the Jordanian Highlands. Amongst the many attractions in the town is the Great Ajloun Musjid whose minaret can be seen from all over the city...
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